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Over the years Peter has helped many golfers improve their game. Here are just a few of the testimonials from satisfied customers:

Thank you for your feedback it is appreciated.

I value the feedback from all of my students – thank you, thank you very much.

Gary Wolstenholme MBE.

Gary Wolstenholme received a M.B.E. from Her Majesty the Queen on 23rd. May 2007 for his accomplishments in golf and in recognition that he became England’s finest ever Amateur golfer. Gary had his first lesson from me in 1992 and subsequently had more than 300 lessons. Gary acknowledges that my system produces outstanding results.

Rachel McAlpine Handicap 20 to 5.

I would describe myself as a keen but sometimes inconsistent golfer whose game can be an annoying mixture of very good and very bad shots, with only a few between those extremes. I have had lessons from several golf coaches over the years aiming to rid myself of this inconsistency and I have found Peter Thompson’s […]

Brian Cowles – can now break 90 and has had a personal best score of 42 stableford points

Although a late starter to golf and a high handicapper Peter always makes me feel as if I am as important to him as one of his scratch golfers and I know that if I follow his tuition my golf will continue to improve. I would have no hesitation in recommending golfers of all abilities […]

Rachel McApline a member of The Test Valley Golf Club, Basingsoke Hampsire U.K

I first had coaching with Peter in 2001 when I had a handicap of 20. We spent the first few lessons getting the Grip, Aim, Stance and Posture right. And even now, 14 years later and playing off 5, we still go back to basics when we need to. Peter’s teaching of the mechanics of […]

Liz Young – Brokenhurst Golf Club in the beautiful New Forest, Hampshire U.K

Liz Young had her first lesson with me in 2008 when Liz had a handicap of + 3 at Brokenhurst Golf Club in the beautiful New Forest,Hampshire U.K. Liz has represented Great Britain & Northern Ireland in the Curtis Cup. Liz now plays on the Ladies European Golf Tour and has improved her ranking from […]

Richard Betts a member of Brokenhurst Golf Club in the beautiful New Forest, Hampshire, U.K

“I have been a category 1 golfer for over 35 years and have lessons from many golf pro’s, however, none of them have been able to explain how the golf swing works as well as Peter. His “System” really does work ,I have seen significant results as a result of following Peters guidance. I would […]

Pennie Hudson-Ward. a member of Barton-On-Sea Golf Club, Hampshire, U.K

Peter Says “Pennie is a great pupil as she listens to my explanations and understands them. Pennie won the Barton-on-Sea, Ladies Club Championship in 2010 and I expect more great things from her.                                              […]

Martin Young February 2018

Martin Young is a member of the beautiful Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club in The New Forest, Hampshire. UK I have taught Martin for 28 years and his lowest handicap to date has been +4. Martin has had great success over many years becoming the first player to hold all five major Hampshire championships in one […]

Who We Have Helped

Gary Wolstenholme MBE Gary Wolstenholme received a M.B.E. from Her Majesty the Queen on 23rd. May 2007 for his accomplishments in golf and in recognition that he has been England,s finest amateur golfer of all time. Gary has had tuition from Peter since 1992 so he acknowledges that Peter’s system produces outstanding results. Liz Young […]

“I would not have reached single figures without Peter’s help”…

“I first went to see Peter in 2001 when my handicap was 20. He immediately spotted a number of flaws in my ‘unique’ golf swing and used his digital golf analysis system to explain how I could improve. Between lessons I was able to watch the video (now DVD) of the previous lesson and listen […]

“His philosophy is simple; a correct and consistent swing will bring the results that we all seek”…

“I had my first golf lesson with Peter Thompson in March 2001. As a rookie golfer with a handicap of 25, he has guided me through the minefield of myths and misconceptions that embrace this magical but frustrating game. Over the past 5 years he has reduced my playing handicap to 14, a testimony to […]

Professionals, Assistants and other winners

Peter Thompson has coached over one hundred assistant professionals, fully qualified professionals and tournament professionals. The numbers include winners of: The National Assistants Championship The World Pro – Am Championship The Australian Open Championship The Kenyan Open Championship (twice.) The Portugese Open Championship The Welsh Open Championship The Bournemouth Alliance Championship The South West Assistants […]

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