The Myths of Golf

Many Golfers cannot play anywhere near their full potential as they are trapped in a myriad of myths. I will unleash your potential by destroying the immensely damaging myths


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Myths of Golf 58 – Compress the ball into the turf to produce back spin.

Slow motion videos of the moment the ball is hit by the club head will show what really happens.

Myths of Golf 57 – Drop the hands down towards the right hip in the down swing.

Dropping the hands down towards the right hip in the down swing is not what great golfers do.

Myths of Golf 56 – Drawings in golf books.

Drawings in golf books can be very damaging as they can represent the feeling’ of the author rather than what is actually happening in ‘their’ swing. I will produce some very convincing evidence.

Myths of Golf 55 – Feet shoulder width apart.

An often repeated myth that is not factual.

Myths of Golf 54 – Waiter’s tray position.

Some golfers are taught to have the palm of their right hand facing to the sky at the top of the back swing as if they were holding a waiter’s tray. I will explain how damaging this myth can be as it is physically impossible in any good golf swing.

Myths of Golf 53 – Timing.

Timing is a word that is used all of the time in golf and I will explain why it is so misunderstood.

Myths of Golf 52 – Muscles have memories.

Muscles do not have memories and I  will explain why this myth is so misleading.

Myths of Golf 51 – Practice makes perfect.

Practicing will not make your shots perfect. If it did the 60,000,000 + golfers in the world would only have to practice to become perfect.

Myths of Golf 50 – Practicing with your feet together will improve your arm and wrist motion.

Practicing with your feet together will not improve any part of your swing.

Myths of Golf 49 – A wide stance will restrict the shoulder turn.

A wide stance will not restrict the shoulder turn. In fact a wider stance will make it easier to turn the shoulders and transfer your weight. I  will explain why.



Myths of Golf 48 – A longer shaft makes the ball go further.

I will explain why this myth is not true for all but the very longest hitters.

Myths of Golf 47 – Play the ball back in the stance with a wedge to hit the ball higher.

This myth is very easy to dismiss and I will show you why.

Myths of Golf 46 – Slow your swing down.

If your swing is incorrect and you slow it down it will still be incorrect. I will explain.

Myths of Golf 45 – Stay connected.

Your arms are obviously connected to your body but the relationship between your arms and your body will not remain the same throughout the swing. I will explain what actually happens in all good swings.

Myths of Golf 44 – A draw goes further.

A golf ball hit with a draw may well travel farther but it will not travel farther through the air. I will explain why this occurs and why most successful golfers prefer a fade.

Myths of Golf 43 – Swing with a good tempo.

One cannot have a good tempo without good movements in a good sequence but is a good tempo even important?  Many brilliant golfers do not think tempo is important as I will explain.

Myths of Golf 42 – Swing with rhythm.

One cannot produce rhythm in music, gymnastics or golf without a correct sequence of notes or movements.

Myths of Golf 41 – In match play play the course.

Should you play the golf course or your opponent in match play? I will explain why I am sure the better strategy is to play your opponent.

Myths of Golf 40 – Hit your drives on the upswing and your irons on the downswing.

I will explain that all shots simply need to be hit forward.

Myths of Golf 39 – Drive for show and putt for dough.

A great bit of ‘rhyming slang’. A few facts will convince most golfers that putting is important but very overrated.

Myths of Golf 38 – Golf is all in the mind.

Golf is not all in the mind. If it was every golfer who is reasonably fit would be able to play great golf. There are over 60,000,000 golfers in the world and their average score has been around 100 for 50 years. (National Golf Foundation) Peter will explain how you can improve your golf by improving technique.

Myths of Golf 37 – Putting – Instant top spin will produce a pure roll.

A golf ball when struck correctly with a putter will skid for up to 20% of the total distance of the putt and then it will start to roll.  Any attempt to produce instant top spin will be disastrous.

Myths of Golf 36 – Hold the club loosely.

Would you hold a hammer loosely whilst driving a nail into a piece of wood? Would you hold the steering wheel of a car loosely whilst cornering at speed?  The answer to both of these questions is probably no so why hold a club loosely when the club head can be travelling over 140 mph. at impact. This myth can cause wayward shots as the golfer is not in control of the golf club.

Myths of Golf 35 – A flat left wrist at the top of the back swing means the club face is square.

A flat left wrist at the top of the back swing may, quite possibly , lead to a square club face but it is a myth that creates for most golfers a hook or a push. I will explain why and how this happens and where your left wrist should really be at the top of the back swing.

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