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My Teaching videos are an in-depth analysis of how the worlds best golfers have and continue to play golf. I recognise that we are all different in some way so my teaching videos are very pragmatic.


Teaching Video 60 – How Morgan reduced his handicap from 23 to 1.

A great acheivement and I will show you Morgan did it.

Teaching Video 59 – Round and round in circles.

If you are a round and round in circles golfer you are probably very inconsistent and playing nowhere near your full potential.

Teaching Video 58 – The secrets of the triple gap back swing.

The three gap back swing will not apply to all golfers or all clubs but it will certainly help the vast majority of golfers to become more consistent with every club.

Teaching Video 57 – The top line.


Teaching Video 54 explained the importance of the bottom line and this video is about the equally important top line. The club head is below the top line at address and I will explain how to keep it there throughout the swing.

Teaching Video 56 – The left heel line.


By using a mirror or a camera and understanding the left heel line your impact and your consistency will definitively improve.

Teaching Video 55 – Definitions – 1

Teaching anyone to play golf requires the teacher and the pupil to understand each other. For example the word ‘forward’ can mean different things to different people. I will explain some of the words that can create confusion.


Teaching Video 54 – The bottom line.

The bottom line is very important for accountants.It is also very important for all golfers with all clubs from a putter to a driver. A great video that can bring instant improvement for all golfers and it is very easy to practice.

Teaching Video 53 – Elbows at address – are they important?

I will explain why they are very important.



Teaching Video 52 – Shaft flex – what does it mean?


The shaft flex is a complete mystery to most golfers as one company’s stiff flex can be more flexible than another company’s regular flex. This video will rationalise the problems of finding the best shaft flex for each golfer.

Teaching Video 51 – Teaching juniors.


Teaching juniors is highly rewarding but quite challenging. I will explain my approach and how it works with proven examples.

Teaching Video 50 – Arm rotation.

The arm rotation is a misunderstood aspect of the golf swing yet it is very important. I will explain what it is and why you need to rotate your arms.

Teaching Video 49 – Should you have a forward press?

A forward press has been accepted for a long time as being part of the swing. Should you have one? I will explain my view and then all golfers can decide whether to have a forward press or not.






Teaching Video 48 – How Gary reduced his handicap from +1 to +5.

Gary Wolstenholme was awarded an MBE  for becoming England’s finest ever amateur golfer and achieving a handicap of +5. Peter will show you how this done.

Teaching Video 47 – How Gavin reduced his scores by three shots per hole.

Hard to believe but he did. I will show you how he achieved it.

Teaching Video 46 – How Philip reduced his handicap from 18 to scratch.

This excellent video contains all of my philosophy’s and my belief in basic principles.

Teaching Video 45 – Launch angle – what does it mean?

A javelin has to be launched at the correct angle. To high and the javelin comes down to soon. To low and the effect is the same. A golf ball has an optimum launch angle and this great DVD will explain it to you.

Teaching Video 44 – What is a driver?

An intriguing question but what is a driver? A drive is a shot hit from the teeing area and the club used has to be the best club to allow the golfer to be in the optimum position for the next shot. A little bit like chess or snooker really.

Teaching Video 43 – The loft angle of a golf club.

With an understanding of how various loft angles influence the the flight of the golf ball your game can improve without changing your swing.

Teaching Video 42 – The lie angle of a golf club.

One of the least understood facts about a golf club is the importance of the lie angle. I will explain the importance of the lie angle and show you that your shots can go straighter without changing your swing.

Teaching Video 41 – What happens first – the swing or the shot?

I will explain my thoughts on what happens first. By changing one’s mindset dramatic changes for the better will happen.

Teaching Video 40 – What does the word ‘pitch’ mean?

The word pitch is probably the most misunderstood word in the game of golf. I  will explain what it actually means and when you understand the real meaning of the word pitch your  game will become a easier to play.

Teaching Video 39 – Left arm and club at address.

Should the left arm and club be in a straight line at address or should there be a kink or even a double kink? I  will explain how I think it should be with the help of the greatest golfer the world has ever seem – Jack Nicklaus.

Teaching Video 38 – Playing in the wind.

Sometimes you will have to play in the wind. I used to really enjoy playing in the wind and so can you.

Teaching Video 37 – Course management.

With a little thought before every shot you can save many shots in every round.

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